Q.What will be the effect of demonetization of 1000/500 rupee notes on people?

As most people in India are being effected by decision of demonetization of 1000/500 rupee notes , I did a Tarot reading for the same to check whats in store and would like to share the reading with you.I shuffled that cards while asking, ” what will be the effect of demonetization of 1000/500 rupee notes on people?” and pulled 3 cards.The spread that I had chosen was Background,problem and advice spread. The cards that I pulled :-

Background:  4 of pentacles
Problem:         6 of cups
Advice:            7 of wands


 The four of pentacles in the background position shows people getting both miser and possessive about money.As we can see in this card that the person is holding on to his money, holding two under his feet,one on his head and one in his arms. He is getting very possessive about his money.So the people who were hoarding black money will be effected.Also middle class people will try to save money and spend the money sparingly(no money in bank/ATMs).People will try other ways to hoard money and will be having security concerns.An overall tense situation.

The six of cups is a positive card when it comes to money but as it is in the problem position,it shows that many people will be unwilling or unable to adapt to the changing circumstances.Some people will feel that this is not the right decision.Some will not be happy with this change and will not be happy with this decision.People might feel that they were in a better position earlier as they will be facing problems in giving and taking of money and doing transactions.

The advice of the seven of wands is to be hopeful and not to give up.The card suggests to stand-up for yourself, be patient and courageous.We need to disperse negative attitudes that weaken us and avoid negative people.Though we have to stand in long queues since last three days, no money in ATMs and post offices, chaos  and tension everywhere…we need to be patient and should not conflict over money at this time.The question is –Do we get beaten down by this and become cynical,pessimistic or do we see this as a part of life and be bold and face it? This is a change for better.

If we calculate the numbers on all three cards, we get the card 17 Star  and card 8 which is the Strength card:-



The Star card is a very positive card.This is a card of renewed hope,inspiration and promises improvement in the financial situation.There are challenges  and we are feeling discouraged but there is hope too.

The  Strength card suggests us to be courageous and bold at this time.We need to be both like the lady who can tame the beast (lion) and also be fearless and brave like the lion in this situation.Hope we get out of this situation soon.

I think this situation has also shown us how valuable money is!!


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