In the last article we discussed about some divination methods like Tarot, Runes and I-Ching. Let’s talk about some more divination methods.

  1. Scrying/Crystal Gazing: Scrying has been used in many cultures to know about the past, present and future. Crystal gazing involves seeing things supernaturally in a medium such as crystal, stones, glass or mirrors and divining the future. The very well-known tool used for scrying is the Crystal ball. When staring a crystal ball the information comes from spirits, psychic mind or the subconscious. Crystal Gazing is not only for gifted people. It can be learnt with practice. The gazing is in the mind. Crystal is just a tool to activate your intuition and psychic abilities.
  2. Lithomancy:Lithomancy involves divining future by casting stones/crystals. There can be some approaches used when using Lithomancy. Stones can be assigned a “yes” and “no”. For example black stone can be assigned “yes” and white stone can be assigned “no”. The stones are then casted. The stone that lands closest to you is the answer. The stones can also be casted on a grid. The grid can be a specific chart like astrological chart, bagua or simple circle in which each direction has a particular meaning. A group of stones or crystals are selected and then casted onto the grid. The patterns are then interpreted as they relate to each other in the layout.
  3. Tea Leaf Reading: Tea Leaf Reading originated from China. Concentration is very important for the reader to see beyond the symbols. The seeker is asked to stir the loose tea and then place it in a cup. Tea should only be stirred with a spoon. Hot water is then added and the seeker thinks about the future while stirring it. The reader can now read the signs which show during the stirring. For example if bubbles float on the top it can mean money coming to the seeker. The seeker then drinks the tea but leaves a small amount at the bottom of the cup. The reader can then also read the signs from the tea which is left in the cup. The longer the seeker holds the cup and concentrate, the better the reading will be.

7. Coffee Cup Reading:Just like tea leaf reading future can also be divined by Coffee Cup Reading. To read from coffee cup coffee should be drunk only from one side of the cup. When coffee is finished the saucer is placed on top of the cup. While saucer still covering, the cup is held at the chest level and turned counter-clockwise a few times. The cup is then turned upside down on the saucer and left to cool. Once cool the cup is opened and the shapes are interpreted for divination.


Hope you find these introductions to divination methods helpful in choosing the method you want to learn.

Pic taken from : http://universal-love.tripod.com/divination.htm


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