How wonderful it can be to be able to see the future! Divination can help us to make practical decisions in life such as whether to take a new job or whether to continue with a particular relationship etc. Besides predicting the future Divination can be used as a tool for personal growth and transformation. The word Divination comes from the Latin word “divi” which means “deity”. Divination is the means by which we can communicate with the divine. The more we work with divination the more we come to know that future is not setup in stone. We can actually see what lies ahead and change it accordingly to a certain extent. We can then make conscious choices to achieve a certain outcome. When used as a tool for personal growth and transformation divination acts as our personal psychologist who brings our thoughts, fears and feelings from subconscious to conscious level so that they can be worked upon. There are numerous methods of divination. We will discuss a few each time.

  • Tarot Cards: – Originally tarot cards were used for card games as well as for divination. Tarot provides psychological, spiritual and practical insight through 78 cards. The client asks the question and the tarot reader shuffles and lays the card and gives the reading. The number of cards in a layout can be 1, 3, 5,7,10 and more depending on the type of spread. There are many tarot decks available in the market today but the beginner deck should be Rider-Waite deck.

Tarot is also used for meditation and path working. Oracle cards do come under the category of Tarot cards but a tarot deck is not a tarot deck unless it has 78 cards. Oracle cards normally consist of 60-65 cards which have messages from Angels, Gods and Goddesses. We ask a question, shuffle the cards and pull 1-3 cards which have the answer to that question. Oracle cards are excellent for angel therapy.

  • I Ching/Book of Changes: – I Ching is a Chinese system of divination. It provides guidance based on the spiritual wisdom of nature as interpreted by Lao Tzu. I Ching is used in the form of book of interpretations of 64 different hexagrams. I Ching uses the binary logic of yin/yang. The hexagram is created by tossing three coins six times. Each toss of the coin creates one of the six lines in the hexagram. The hexagrams are then explained & predicted using a nature metaphor. The I Ching provides insight into the longer term effects of the immediate emotions or actions.

3) Rune Stones:-Rune means “secret” or “mystery”. The system comprises of 24 runes. Runes are Scandinavian oracular alphabets, said to have been given to the God Odin after he made sacrifice of hanging upside down for nine days on the Ygdrissil tree. Each letter has a magical and prophetic meaning, a name and sound. Each rune is carved on a circular stone/wood. All runes are put in a bag. One or more runes are then drawn from the bag which provides insight and guidance. Most common practice is to draw three runes for past, present and future.

Pic taken from :-http://universal-love.tripod.com/divination.htm


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